Downloadable Movies For PSP

I’m sure all of you PSP users out there would love to have unlimited access to all the latest downloadable movies for psp. At least that is the case for me. I don’t leave home without my trusty PSP which provides me with countless hours of entertainment on all the long public transport rides I take (being a poor student has its down sides). Anyway I thought I would share with my fellow PSP fans a great service that I’ve found on the net that lets me get all the movies that I want in literally minutes.

You know how, usually you get movies in UMD format from the store. That’s what I used to do and being the movie fan that I am I bought a lot of those little discs which put a rather large monthly strain on me.

My friend told me that you can get movies for the PSP from peer-to-peer networks like limewire and bitorrent and I tried doing that for a while but all I got was low quality versions of movies and a few spyware viruses (I still can’t get rid of the annoying casino pop-ups).

Between my studies and part-time job I don’t have practically any free time left so researching a better alternative to the expensive, store bought discs and virus ridden P2P networks wasn’t exactly a high priority. So until about a month ago I was relying on those two sources for my PSP movie needs.

About four weeks ago I discovered AllPSPGames and since then I haven’t even thought of going back to buying movies from a store. First of all unlike the P2P downloads this service is fully legal and it’s dirt cheap even for me. I mean a 35$ charge gets me lifetime access to all the latest releases out there in PSP format. No monthly charges or renewals or anything like that. In the past month alone I saved over 60 dollars on movie purchases. Plus the movie selection is much more extensive than the store and available at a moment’s notice.

My positive experience with them was marred by a pretty slow customer support team. I had a question for them about the best way of transferring downloaded movies to my PSP and it took them a few tries to give me a concise answer. Overall though, AllPSPGames is still the top alternative to stores and P2P networks for all the downloadable movies for PSP, at least for a movie fan such as myself.


My favorite game from Allpspgames, so far

I really liked this game, I didn’t think they would have it on Allpspgames, but I was fortunate enough to find it. The game is so fluent and smooth, it’s unbelievable. This is something of a mix between Diablo and Quake, fun and addictive all at the same time. I liked the parts where you had to use your brain in order to solve simple riddles, it wasn’t like I had to force myself too much. I remember what a nightmare that was with games like Silent Hill and resident evil. These riddles are not dumb, but they’re not as complicated. The makers of the game have surprised us once again. 2 thumbs up!